Experience confirmed by quality

Since 1992 …

Elgraf Ltd was founded in 1992, specialising in the manufacturing of full colour packaging, cardboard, corrugated- and micro-corrugated packaging products for various industries such as:

  • confectionery
  • alcoholic beverage industry
  • kids’ toys, books
  • show box, bag in box, promotional items
  • footwear, textiles and others.

We operate machines for:

  • offset printing
  • flexo printing

We produce in-house:

  • materials
  • product samples
  • various kinds of corrugated cardboard.

Elgraf is bright and elegant package that meets all international standards with a solid reputation and trust on the polygraph services market.


Elgraf Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of corrugated cardboard and cardboard packaging in Western Ukraine. The main advantage of our company is its own production of materials and the use of the latest printing technology – preprint, which helps us to produce large prints with high quality in a short time.
Elgraf has 4 production and stamping workshops, state-of-the-art pre-press and post-processing equipment, high-performance offset printing machines and an experienced team. This combination allows us to produce a wide range of printing products: cardboard and corrugated cardboard packaging of cardboard, group and souvenir packaging, large-format advertising and presentation products (stands, show boxes, etc.).

The main advantage of our company is large-format flexographic printing (up to 8 colors) that allows you to print in short order large prints with high quality and further production of corrugated materials with preliminary printed layers of material.

Folding and bonding line provides molding of products and their gluing. Machines can reconfigure for both single and 5 spot bonding, which is important when production of boxes of complex configuration.


Packaging material different types of cardboard and paper, as well as decoration materials (varnishes, paints, films and foil) come directly from foreign manufacturers in Poland, Slovenia, Germany, Austria and Hungary. Elgraf also was domestic raw materials.

Cutting stamps

One of the activities of Elgraf is the production of high-quality die-cut forms for die-cutting of various materials: cardboard, micro- and corrugated cardboard, paper, film, plastic, etc. Only high-quality knives and supplies are used.

The equipment and qualification of our specialists make it possible to produce high precision, excellent quality and in the shortest possible time. The special equipment allows to make the die forms of various sizes, including large formats. Elgraf offers a wide range of works of this kind.


Carving is one of the most important operations in the entire manufacturing process of packaging. For cutting the box, the plant has crucible and flat-cutting machines, serviced by experienced specialists, capable of cutting any complexity and precision. In the process, consumables of the required types are used for each specific type of packaging. There is a possibility of exact cutting on a sheet on the sizes and cuts on a label.

The machines are additionally equipped with foil embossing mechanisms that allow the packaging to be made using several types of foil at the same time, as well as making embossing or creasing. This gives the future product a perfect look and appeal while protecting the product from counterfeiting. For this process, the company uses the best-selling imported materials, as well as foils of different types and colours.


Our printing machines are responsive industry requirements and allow for implementation quality printing with different color combinations: how by traditional process technology CMYk and using colors from the PANTONE catalog.

«Elgraf» is constantly improving and working to establish its excellent reputation in the market printing services. Our certificates are a confirmation of our work on the quality of our products.

Certificate ISO 9001:2015
Quality Management System Certification
Certificate FSC – COC
Supply Chain Certification