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Elgraf LLC

Established in 1992.
We specialises in producing full-colour cardboard, corrugated and microcorrugated packaging.
The company uses pre-printing and laminating technologies.
Elgraf creates unique packaging for products in a variety of industries using offset and flexographic printing.


Today, Elgraf is one of the largest producers of full-colour cardboard and corrugated packaging in Western Ukraine.

Four production plants, a tooling department, modern equipment for pre-press and post-press, high-performance offset and flexo printing machines, and an experienced team – this combination enables the production of a wide range of printed products: classic cardboard packaging, laminated micro-corrugated and corrugated cardboard packaging, group and souvenir packaging, large-format advertising and presentation products (displays, stands, show boxes, etc.).

The main advantage of our company is large-format flexographic printing (up to 8 colours), which allows us to print large quantities of high quality products in a short time. We’re also able to produce corrugated board from pre-printed layers of material.

Brief information about the processes


Packaging materials (various types of cardboard and paper) and finishing materials (varnishes, paints, films and foils) are sourced directly from foreign manufacturers in Poland, Slovenia, Germany, Austria and Hungary.
Domestic raw materials are also used.

Stamping forms

Die-cutting is one of the most important operations in the entire packaging manufacturing process. Therefore, another important type of our activity is the production of high quality dies for die-cutting.
For die-cutting, the company has installed crucible and flat die-cutting machines, maintained by experienced specialists, capable of performing die-cuts of any complexity and precision. Special equipment allows the production of dies of various sizes. This includes large formats.


Our printing machines meet the requirements of the industry and allow for high quality printing with different combinations of colours: both with the traditional CMYK triad technology and with the use of colours from the PANTONE catalogue.

Elgraf LLC is constantly improving and working to establish its reputation in the market of printing services. Our certificates are a confirmation of our work on the quality of our products.

Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Quality management system certification

Certificate SGS

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